The company Rococo is active in the area of production of men’s and women’s clothing, accessories etc. by creating its personal collections under the brand name Rococo. It was established in 1977 under the brand name Rococo, meaning that this coming November the company is celebrating 30 successful years in the business.

It is a solely Greek company, its main target is a comprehensive customer service for its clients. Throughout its existence it has been focusing on insuring the best possible quality at the best possible price. The Rococo collections have their own identity, are instantly recognisable, have a characteristic style with an imaginative design, a controlled nationwide production and offer a wide range of selection in comparison to the competition. Today the company has 19 retail outlets.

By always holding the highest standards of quality for its products and its customer service, Rococo aims to uphold and further improve its position amongst the best companies of its sector in the Greek market, making its identity better known and recognisable.